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Dr. Mulay’s IVF hospital in Hadapsar, fulfil the parenthood dreams of infertile couples with various infertility treatment processes including IVF, with the help of high-level technology, personalized care and closed working chamber method, which has significantly enhanced the outcome of IVF circles and hence, helping us in bringing little miracles to the aspiring couples. IVF […]

Infertility and Treatment

  What is infertility? Infertility is the disability to conceive after a year of consistent and unsafe intercourse. Interpretation and pregnancy involve several complex processes in both the partners. Any problem in these processes can lead to infertility. Ideally, The female body delivers an egg from one of her ovaries which has to pass through […]


Relatively every woman feels a gynaecological Problem eventually or the other. Much of the time these disarranges are mellow and effectively treatable, yet some gynaecological issues can have genuine ramifications and influence their fruitfulness and personal satisfaction. Here is the most regular gynaecological Problem looked by Dr. Pallavi Mulay  who is the best Gynaecologist in […]

Urologist in Hadapsar

Best Urologist in Hadapsar – Dr. Abhirudra Mulay Looking for Trusted Urologist in Hadapsar? Dr. Abhirudra Mulay is Urologist In  Hadapsar  He has an experience of over 12 years as a Urologist. specialized in all kinds of consultations to Urology. A urologist is a physician who has specialized knowledge and skill regarding problems of the male […]

Planning for IVF

Attending appointments, blood analyses, ultrasounds and scheduling routine many medicines, planning for IVF treatment is not less like planning for a part-time job. You need to make a balance between being current and being parents to be. Dr. Pallavi Mulay Gynecologist & IVF Specialist explained that: “If you are looking forward IVF treatment you would have already […]

Gynecological Treatment

Gynecological signs and symptoms that require medical attention- Vaginal bleeding also discharge are a normal portion of your menstrual period before menopause. Still, if you see anything unusual or abnormal, discuss your physician before attempting to treat the problem yourself. Signs may result from mild infections that are simple to handle. But, if they are […]